About You and Counselling

About Counselling

Counselling/psychotherapy is a talking therapy that gives you time and space to discuss your worries and feelings with someone who is not involved in your life.

My approach uses a variety of different methods and insights, such as those drawn from Transactional Analysis (TA), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Sand Tray Therapy.

The aim is to work in partnership with you, to help you recognise and gain self awareness.

In this way you become more aware of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour all interact, which will include looking at significant past and current relationships to help you understand yourself and how you interact with people and situations in your life.


About You

Counselling is beneficial when you are experiencing:

Relationship problems within your family, work, neighbours or friendships.

Separation and divorce and the impact on you emotionally, psychologically and materially.

Anxiety. depression and stress in all life situations.

Loss and grief in all aspects of life including miscarriage, early pregnancy loss. Loss of family members, friends, relationships, jobs, homes etc.

Traumatic life experiences such as the effects of suicide, car or any serious accidents and PTSD.

Intimacy and sexual issues.

Any relationships and forms or abuse.

Any and all addictions such as eating disorders, shopping, alcohol, drugs, smoking and sex.

Loneliness and low self-esteem and lack of confidence.


Anger issues.

Generally anything that is troubling you.

What will You Achieve?

Through talking to me, counselling will help you:

Increase your self awareness and develop a better understanding of yourself and of others point of view.

Come to understand and conquer your fears, negative thoughts, feelings and anxieties.

Help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing you to feel uncomfortable.

Cope with a relationship breakdown such as marriage, friendships, family or with work colleagues.

Come to terms and cope with feelings of grief, loss, sadness, depression and scare.

We can look at issues that prevent you from achieving your dreams or ambitions or even come to a place of acceptance and understanding of your situation in life and what choices you do have.

Identify your strengths and resources and gain a greater insight of yourself, your relationships and life.

See things from a different perspective, to feel empowered and be able to clarify things and make positive choices.

Decide if you want to make changes in your life or not.

To do some self exploration and personal development and maybe to explore what is working or not for you in your life.

Contact Me Today

I offer a free 20 minute initial therapy consultation by zoom or phone to discuss what’s troubling you, with no obligation to commit to further counselling sessions.